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Suing Your Boss

Suing your boss? Keep these four things in mind!


1. Don’t Just Say It

People think it’s enough to complain, request or report things orally to their employer. But what are you going to do when the supervisors denies you ever talked with them Avoid the “he said, she said” by communicating with your employer by emails. Create a record of any exchange by sending letters (certified mail, return receipt).


2. Keep A Journal

Don’t rely on memory. Write everything down. The names of witnesses, dates, times, places, what was said, documents involved — the more detailed, the better. Also, make sure you never leave the journal unattended at work, where your boss might be able to access it. That is a surefire way to compromise your case before you even act.


3. Get Witnesses

Talk to whoever witnessed the illegal action taking place. Confirm whether they saw it. Try to get them on your side. Do this carefully and you will have a much stronger case.


4. Don’t Play The Lawyer

Don’t go waving around a few legal terms you learned on the internet. Chances are you’ll get them wrong & make yourself look like the bully. The best way to reinforce your case is to follow the above steps and contact a reliable employment attorney at the earliest possible convenience.


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