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Wrongful Termination


If you have been fired from your job, you probably have many questions running through your mind, one of which is “was it legal for my employer to fire me?”  Most employees in California are employed at-will meaning they can be fired for no reason at all.  However, there are many exceptions to this rule, and experienced wrongful termination attorneys are aware of all the laws that exist that can make a termination “wrongful” or illegal.

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Regardless of at-will employment, the following are reasons why you cannot be fired in California:

  1. Physical or mental disability
  2. Taking a medical leave
  3. Taking a pregnancy or maternity leave
  4. Filing a workplace injury claim
  5. Your race or national origin
  6. Your gender or sexual orientation
  7. Your age
  8. Complaining about unsafe or unhealthy working conditions
  9. Complaining about illegal workplace activity
  10. Missing work because of jury duty or to be a witness in a legal proceeding
  11. Refusing to take a polygraph test
  12. Complaining about not receiving overtime pay
  13. Engaging in lawful political activities
  14. Discussing your earnings or salary with other employees
  15. Disclosing negative information about the employer’s working conditions
  16. Joining a union or engaging in lawful, off-duty activities
  17. Reporting workplace sexual harassment
  18. Reporting workplace discrimination
  19. Refusing to engage in illegal conduct
  20. Testifying against the company before the Labor Board or Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  21. Caring for a family member suffering from a serious health condition


Discrimination claims often go hand-in-hand with retaliation claims. If you complain about discrimination or act as a “whistleblower” to your California employer, the employer may fire you in an illegal effort to “get rid of the problem”

In order to prove you were fired due to unlawful retaliation, you must prove:

  • You were doing something protected, such as reporting illegal behavior, or reporting harassment or discrimination;
  • This complaint or series of complaints caused your employer to act — this often means the employer threatened or punished you for complaining; and
  • There was an adverse result, i.e. because you complained, you were taken off the work schedule, denied a promotion, or fired.

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A wrongfully terminated employee in California is entitled to recover past and future lost wages and benefits, as well as emotional distress damages. Attorney’s fees and costs are also recoverable. Additionally, punitive damages are available when the employer’s conduct was particularly reprehensible, malicious or done in willful disregard of an employee’s legal rights.

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